About us

PPHU Wachowski was founded in 2008 by Mirosław Wachowski. Since the beginning, it has been producing agricultural machinery and shredder machines for individual clients and groups of producers.

Our offer includes:

  • Olivia harvesters for harvesting fruits: autumn raspberries, currant, aronia.
  • TORNADO tree-shakers for prunes and cherries
  • orchard undercutters
  • The innovative “Malinka” harvester is used to harvest summer raspberries
  • ADMIR branch undercutters
  • MIREK root shredders
  • hydraulic hoes
  • herbicide beams
  • mower – shredders
The Olivia harvester
The innovative "Malinka" harvester
The TORNADO shaker
Trimmers of orchard
The "Admir" branch undercutter
The “Mirek” orchard shredder
The hydraulic hoe
Herbicide beam
The “Adam Duo” orchard mower-shredder
The Olivia harvester is a device designed to harvest such berries as black currant, red currant, gooseberry, chokeberry, but it is also, after being adapted, perfect as a machine for harvesting raspberries.
The innovative "Malinka" harvester is used to harvest summer raspberries
The TORNADO shaker is designed to harvest such fruit as: cherries, sweet cherries, prunes, walnuts, etc. The device is widely used in various types of orchards and plantations.
The device has a number of applications in orchards, e.g. for apples, cherries, sweet cherries, prunes, walnuts. It is characterized by high-precision cutting, increasing productivity and speeding up the work related to trimming and largely affecting increases in harvests and improving their quality.
The branch undercutter is used in plantations of such berry bushes as currants or gooseberries. Its task is to undercut the lower shoots of shrubs and those grown into the ground. Undercutting shoots is for forming the bush so as to facilitate and prepare the plantation for mechanical harvesting by a harvester.
The hydraulic hoe is designed for weed control and for work related to the care of the soil in plantations of strawberries, currants, hop, tobacco and of such plants which do not exceed 80cm, growing in rows with a width ensuring the possibility of using a tractor.
The BH 01 herbicide beam is designed to perform work related to the application of plant protection products and liquid fertilizers on plantations.
The “Adam Duo” orchard mower-shredder is a device used for the care of plantations, but it is also perfect for maintaining order in urban areas. Its task is trimming grass and shrubs. Trimming grass is aimed at reducing their growth and thus enables reducing the amount of herbicides used in plantations.


Our machines collect fruit and help to take care of the largest orchards not only in Poland and in the Lublin region but also in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our machines are subjected to ever more demanding tests. Everything to make them more and more perfect and reliable.

Meeting the expectations of our customers we will conducted the service

We make every effort to ensure that the quality of our products never betrays even the highest expectations. Regardless of whether you need a harvester for raspberries, for currants or e.g. a branch shredder – we will execute a machine for you, basing on all the provided guidelines and the highest production standards.