Branch undercutter

The branch undercutter is used in plantations of such berry bushes as currants or gooseberries. Its task is to undercut the lower shoots of shrubs and those grown into the ground. Undercutting shoots is for forming the bush so as to facilitate and prepare the plantation for mechanical harvesting by a harvester.

The machine is designed to streamline and speed up the work carried out before the harvest season and after it. The undercutter consists of three segments: a supporting frame, a drive section and an operating section. The device is mounted on the front with a three-point mounting category I or on the rear three-point linkage system, after dismantling the beam. The machine is equipped with a movable arm so that there is a possibility of adjusting the distance to the bush which is very helpful when maneuvering the machine in narrow rows. The operating unit includes a drum on which two types of cutting blades are mounted: vertical and horizontal ones, thanks to which shoots are cut and pre-shredded. The device is also equipped with a divider which is used to adjust the amount of undercut shoots to the intended by the operator. The operating unit is driven by a belt drive coupled to a hydraulic motor powered from the main hydraulic system of the tractor.

The machine is made in several versions that differ from each other with equipment:

  1. The undercutter hitched to the front of the tractor, left- and right-side,
  2. The undercutter hitched to the rear of the tractor, left- and right-side,
  3. The machine equipped with a hydraulically movable frame with an operating element.