Herbicide beam

The BH 01 herbicide beam is designed to perform work related to the application of plant protection products and liquid fertilizers on plantations.

This device can be used for pesticide application under bushes and, after proper turning its arms, provides the possibility of performing vertical spraying, for example, in the case of raspberries. The herbicide beam is hitched to the front of the tractor with a three-point mounting category I or on the front transport hitch. It is powered with the main sprayer hitched at the rear of the tractor. Hydraulic elements use the high-pressure system of the tractor.

In this device, we offer a number of adjustments and the possibility of setting, inter alia, longitudinal and lateral leveling, vertical orientation of the arms and adjusting the operating width. Adjustments also include setting the amount of the liquid exiting from the nozzles by the use of shut-off valves for the whole section. The device is equipped with an additional extreme nozzle that can also be used for cutting-off.

The herbicide beam is produced in several versions:

  • Right-side beam
  • Left-side beam
  • Double-sided beam

Each herbicide beam is provided with a hydraulic cylinder to regulate the vertical arm.

We also offer an expandable design, with such elements as a hydraulic withdrawable arm in a single-sided beam and, in the case of a double-sided beam, two arms. The design and execution of mounting the beam is possible to the front hitch to any tractor.