Hydraulic hoe

The hydraulic hoe is designed for weed control and for work related to the care of the soil in plantations of strawberries, currants, hop, tobacco and of such plants which do not exceed 80cm, growing in rows with a width ensuring the possibility of using a tractor.

The machine was designed and manufactured in order to improve the quality and increase the efficiency of work related to the care of plantations. The operating elements are rotating spring claws ensuring that the device will not be damaged when encountering an obstacle in the form of a protruding stone or residues left after previous crops. The operating unit drive is carried out by means of high-quality hydraulic motors that are powered by the hydraulic system of a tractor via a throttle valve which is responsible for the selection of such operating parameters as the element rotary speed. The valve is positioned centrally relative to the operator.

Each machine is manufactured according to individual customer order, according to its intended use. We offer the opportunity to expand the machine with any number of sections and, in addition, to equip the machine with additional features, such as rigid operating elements that help to work in hard soil types.