Side hoe

The side hoe is designed for work related to the care of the soil and the extermination of weeds in plantations of plants grown in rows. The device is perfect for plantations of currants, hop, etc. The device is also used in various types of orchards as well as in organic farming where pesticide use is limited and only mechanical removal of weeds is possible.

The task of the machine is to streamline and speed up work related to the care of the plantation. Mechanical weeding is more efficient and thus significantly reduces the cost of maintaining the farm.

The side hoe is attached to the front of the tractor, its three-point mounting category I, its drive is implemented by means of the tractor hydraulic system. The operating element is a rotary disc with claws driven with a hydraulic motor with appropriate power and speed. The machine is also equipped with a hydraulically with drawable arm with a working head, which enables quick and precise setting the distance to, e.g. a tree trunk. Adjustment also includes the adjustable height of the support wheel and the depth of the work of claws, limited by setting the crown wheel of the rotor relative to the lower blade. In addition, the machine is equipped with a gas spring, thanks to which the head, when it encounters an obstacle (a tree trunk), swings to a sufficient distance so as to bypass it and then goes back to the working position.

The side hoe is produced in several versions to choose from (the choice is done when ordering)

  1. Left- and right-side hitched to the front of the tractor (three-point mounting category I)
  2. Left- and right-side hitched to the rear of the tractor

Each machine is manufactured upon individual request and has a two-year warranty period. We also provide after-sales service and access to spare parts.