The “Adam Duo” orchard mower-shredder

The “Adam Duo” orchard mower-shredder is a device used for the care of plantations, but it is also perfect for maintaining order in urban areas. Its task is trimming grass and shrubs. Trimming grass is aimed at reducing their growth and thus enables reducing the amount of herbicides used in plantations.

The machine is made of very durable components through which the device operates reliably over a long period of use. Thanks to its massive structure, the machine is characterized by high rigidity of the frame and working tools’ enclosure. The mower is mounted on a three point linkage. The manufacturer provides two installation options, at the front and rear of the tractor. The machine is PTO-powered and then, through high-quality bevel gear pairs, connected to the working elements (rotors). The machine is fitted with a support wheel helpful in determining the height of cutting as well as enabling precise machine drive over rough terrain. The device also has height-adjustable guiding skids, and provides us with the possibility of regulating the main frame for the device to be moved to the selected side.

The “Adam Duo” orchard mower-shredder is produced upon request.