The Olivia harvester

The Olivia harvester is a device designed to harvest such berries as black currant, red currant, gooseberry, chokeberry, but it is also, after being adapted, perfect as a machine for harvesting raspberries.

The harvester was designed and developed for half-day harvest. The drive used in this machine is fully hydraulic, using a high-pressure PTO-powered pump. Such kind of a drive is advantageous because it enables easier adjustment of the machine, ensuring efficient work.

Fruit harvest is implemented by a shaker unit which includes a head with a hydraulic drive of high performance and quality. The speed and power of shaking off are fully configurable thanks to the precision of the throttle valves used and the selected inhibition components. The shaker unit is mounted above the conveyor belt onto which fruit fall. Thanks to the hydraulic height adjustment as well as the speed of the material transfer, we are capable of adapting the machine to the most demanding plantations. Then the fruit is cleaned off solid impurities. Adjusting the cleaning unit is done by changing the fan speed performed by the throttle valve. Clean fruit goes into boxes or cases with pallet base.

Each harvester is manufactured according to the needs of individual customers who have the possibility of participating in the machine construction, including e.g. changing the dimensions of the platform or the possibility of performing an extra folding part, we can also offer the possibility of configuring firmware or extending the harvester with such elements as:

  1. A hydraulically torsional drawbar which, to a large degree, helps in easier and hence faster maneuvering the machine, which is very important in the case of large plantations.
  2. An extension for young shoots that helps in harvesting fruit from young shrubs. The firmware also includes a dedicated divider of rows designed for that purpose.
  3. The widely-developed possibility of configuring the shaker unit enables adjusting the harvester to the given type of a plantation. We have the possibility of selecting the head weight, the lower guide rails and we have two kinds of “sun-fingers”: made of graded steel, for harvesting berries and plastic ones used for harvesting soft fruit.

Possible configurations

  • a shaker with the possibility of changing sun-fingers, perfect for many types of plantations (the sun-finger are fixed with screws for adjusting the height of each separately).
  • a fixed shaker without the possibility of changing the type of sun-finger, arranged for harvesting on one type of a plantation.

In addition, this option also includes an extra sun-finger screwed to the bottom for adjusting the shaker to harvesting from young shoots, ensuring efficient work.

  • The possibility of retrofitting an extra scooping sun-finger whereby fine bush shoots are not exposed to such a large degree of damage as they are in the case of a conventional solution.
  • The use of hydraulic swivel wheels facilitates driving the machine to a very large extent (turning back) in very short and narrow plantations.
  • Downhill rolls can be mounted for harvesting fruit to cases with pallet base.

There are two types of them: short ones for placing one case on the platform, long ones with the possibility of placing two cases.

  • The use of a long transverse conveyor used to transport ready fruit to cases moving parallel to the harvester in subsequent rows.
  • Installation of a short conveyor used to sort fruit before filling cases so as to ensure high quality of the harvest.
  • Installation of a lighting package.
  • The possibility of roofing the platform.

All configuration options are agreed when ordering.

All of the machines produced by us have WARRANTY service provided along with post-warranty service and a wide selection of spare parts.


A hydraulically torsional drawbar


An extension for young shoots


The widely-developed possibility of configuring

the shaker unit