The TORNADO shaker

The TORNADO shaker is designed to harvest such fruit as: cherries, sweet cherries, prunes, walnuts, etc. The device is widely used in various types of orchards and plantations.

The machine uses its own hydraulic system based on a high-pressure pump connected to a PTO-powered gear and to such control elements as pressure relief, throttle and hydraulic directional valves as well as such executive elements as drive motors and actuators.

Fruit harvest is implemented by a shaker unit consisting of a head, an arm and a clamping element finished with rubber to protect the trunk from excessive damage. The fruit shaken in this way fall onto a screen previously extended under the tree, designed so as to minimize the loss resulting from fruit falling from it, the screen is then wound in by a hydraulic motor. The next step is to transport the fruit with a conveyor belt to a cleaning unit which includes a fan by which the fruit is cleaned. In the next stage, the fruit goes to the previously prepared boxes or cases with pallet base.

Possible configuration types

The machine has many possibilities of adjusting executive elements, e.g. changing the speed, power and frequency of the above elements is performed by the overflow and throttle valves arranged on the machine used for adjusting the parameters so as to achieve the best quality of the final product.

Production of the machine is realized according to individual needs of customers, in line with what they expect from it. Purchasers have the possibility of participating, to some degree, in the construction of the device, changing the dimensions of the elements, for example: the length of the machine itself or the dimensions of the platform as well as its shape or destination. Each Tornado shaker has hydraulic swivel wheels that will greatly simplify driving the machine as well as the work performed with such a long device. It is, in addition, equipped with a hydraulic lift for cases with pallet base that facilitates the process of replacing the cases.