Trimmers for Orchard

The device has a number of applications in orchards, e.g. for apples, cherries, sweet cherries, prunes, walnuts. It is characterized by high-precision cutting, increasing productivity and speeding up the work related to trimming and largely affecting increases in harvests and improving their quality.

As we all know, manual trimming orchards is accompanied by a huge amount of work and time involved and, sometimes, the effect is far from intentional. Addressing this, our company has introduced a new machine whose task is to mechanically trim trees. The mechanical method is slowly, but surely, replacing the conventional ways of trimming stands, making the related work easier and minimizing the time needed for that. This method also enables the preparation of trees in order to create a plantation resembling the so-called fruit-bearing walls.

The machine consists of several main components, such as: the main frame, its own hydraulic system, a vertical arm, a withdrawable arm, an arm for mounting operating elements (a saw or a cutter bar). Installation of the unit is done using a special attachment screwed to the front of the tractor designated for a particular model, this solution provides very high rigidity and accurate control of the machine of this size. The device can be equipped with its own hydraulic system which includes an oil tank and a gear with a high-pressure pump. The hydraulic system unit is strapped under the rear three-point mounting system and it is PTO-powered, which greatly reduces the wear of the hydraulic system of the tractor and provides adequate oil performance of the machine. The vertical arm system is equipped with a hydraulic height adjustment helping in adjusting the saw, depending on the height of trees. The withdrawable arm has a hydraulic adjustment of the cutting angle, used to obtain tree contours the closest to the preferred trapezoid ones. Another possibility of adjusting is provided by the upper arm for mounting saws. The arm is used to trim trees to the desired height set by the operator, it is used in the top part of the tree, equipped with automatic detection of obstacles which, when encounters e.g. a post, deflects the element with saws in order to bypass it and then goes back to the starting point, providing uninterrupted work and avoiding damage to the machine. The lower cutting element saws’ angle is also adjustable to enable cutting lower shoots to properly trim the tree. The saws are powered by hydraulic motors connected directly with them or through belt drives.

Possible configuration versions

All adjustments of saw positions take place by means of a hydraulic-power system via connecting actuators to a hydraulic electrically-controlled directional unit with the use of a controller mounted in the cabin. This method can greatly simplify the structure and operation of the device by a single operator.

The device is available in several versions to choose from:

  • The machine equipped with circular saws,
  • TThe machine equipped with blade saws used to trim young shoots,
  • The machine equipped with a cutter bar as an operating element.